Starting and moving the car after safety mode

If the car is in safety mode, it is possible to attempt to reset the system in order to start and move the car for a short distance, if in a dangerous traffic situation for example.

Starting the car after safety mode

Check the general damage situation of the car and whether any fuel has been leaking. There must be no smell of fuel either.

If there is only minor damage and a check has revealed no fuel leaks, starting can be attempted.


Never, under any circumstances, attempt to restart the car if it smells of fuel when the Safety mode See Owner's manual message is shown in the driver display. Leave the car at once.
Switch off the car.
Then try to start the car.

The car's electronics carry out a systems check and then try to resume normal status.


If the message Safety mode See Owner's manual is still shown on the display the car must not be driven or towed but a vehicle recovery service must then be used instead. Even if the car appears to be driveable, hidden damage may make the car impossible to control once moving.

Moving the car after safety mode

If the driver display shows the message Normal mode The car is now in normal mode after a start attempt, the car can be carefully moved if standing in a dangerous position.
Do not move the car further than necessary.


If the car is in safety mode it must not be towed. It must be transported from its location. Volvo recommends that it is transported to an authorised Volvo workshop.