Care Key - restricted remote control key

A Care Key allows the car owner to set a limit for the speed of the car. The limitation is intended to encourage the car to be driven in a safe manner such as when being loaned out, for example.
P5P6-20w17-Care Key

For a Care Key, you can set your car's maximum speed. Other functions of the key are the same as those of a normal remote control key.

The limits are intended to act as measures to reduce the risk of accidents, thereby making it feel safer to hand over the car to e.g. young drivers, valet parking or a workshop.

Ordering Care Key

One or more Care Key can be ordered from a Volvo dealer. A total of eleven keys with restrictions can be programmed and used for a single car - at least one must be a normal remote control key.

Limitations of Care Key

The key is linked to a special Care Key driver profile, and when it is active, the key's settings cannot be changed. It is not possible to change to another driver profile either; this requires a normal remote control key.

The driver profile is activated when the car is unlocked with a Care Key without a normal remote control key in the vicinity.


In the event of a change of driver, the car must be locked and unlocked in order to activate a new driver profile.

Setting options

The following limitations are available to be set:

  • speed interval: 50-180 km/h (30-112 mph)
  • Increments: 1 km/h (1 mph)
P5-15w19-XC90H-Symbol-Restricted Key Limit
Speed limitation is active.