Record & Send

Record & Send1 is an in-car app that allows you to record personal voice messages and send them to a selected recipient.
P5-1846-Record&Send symbol

Record and send recording

Two options are given when the app is started: enter recipient and record by tapping on the microphone symbol.
Tap on Recipient and enter the e-mail address the recording shall be sent to.
Tap on the microphone symbol to start recording.
Say the message.
Tap on the microphone symbol again to end the recording.
The option appears to send or discard the recording.

Opening the voice recording

When the recording has been sent, the recipient receives an e-mail message that can be opened in a normal e-mail program, either on a mobile or in a computer. The recording is included as an attached file in MP3 format.

Open software

Use the LAME open software library to compress your recordings in MP3 format. You can find out more about LAME on their website:

  1. 1 Availability varies depending on market.