Gear selector inhibitor

The gear selector inhibitor prevents accidental changing between different gear positions in an automatic gearbox.

There are two different types of gear selector inhibitor - mechanical and automatic.

Mechanical gear selector inhibitor

p5-1507-gear shift lock
Gear selector inhibitor for cars with the large gear lever.

The gear selector can be moved forward and back freely between N and D. Other positions are locked with a latch that is released with the inhibitor button on the gear selector.

With the inhibitor button depressed the lever can be moved forwards or backwards between P, R, N and D.

Automatic gear selector inhibitor

The automatic gear selector inhibitor has special safety systems.

From park position – P or neutral position – N

In order to move the gear selector from P or N position to another gear position, the brake pedal must be depressed and the ignition position must be II. The engine has to be running for cars with the small gear lever.

If the gear selector is in the N position and the car has been stationary for at least 3 seconds (irrespective of whether the engine is running) then the gear selector is locked.

Message in the driver display

If the gear selector is inhibited a message is shown in the driver display e.g. Gear lever Press brake pedal to activate gear lever.

The gear selector is not inhibited mechanically.1

  1. 1 Applies to cars with small gear lever