Updating software via Download Centre

Some software, e.g. apps and maps, can be updated via Download Centre if the car is connected to the internet1.

The message New software updates available See Download Center is shown in the centre display's status bar when a new software update is available.

Search for updates

P5-1617-Icon-App screen-Over the air

Go to Download Centre in the centre display's app view.

A search is started. If a new search has already been made since start-up, the system needs to be restarted before a new search can be made. If an installation is already in progress, no search is made.

Select software area to view which updates are available.

Starting an update

Select one of the installation options in the Download Centre's list of available updates.

Download of selected software starts.

The update can be cancelled during the download phase by pressing the cross next to the selected software. When the download is finished and the installation has started, it is no longer possible to cancel the update.


The speed of other online services may be affected during the download. You can cancel the download and restart it later, or prioritise the update by switching off other online services, such as Internet radio.


If you switch off the ignition and leave the car, the update resumes next time you use the car.
  1. 1 Data is transferred (data traffic) when using the Internet, and this may involve a cost.