Tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS)*1 - driveable punctured tyres*

If SST (Self Supporting run flat Tires)* is selected, the car is also equipped with TPMS.

This type of tyre has a specially reinforced side wall that makes continued driving possible to a limited extent despite the tyre losing all or some of its pressure. These tyres are fitted on a special rim. (Normal tyres can also be fitted to this rim.)

If an SST tyre loses tyre pressure then the yellow TPMS lamp in the combined instrument panel illuminates and a message is shown in the information display. If this occurs, reduce speed to max. 80 km/h. The tyre must be replaced as soon as possible.

Drive carefully, in some cases it can be difficult to see which tyre is faulty. In order to establish which tyre needs attention, check all four tyres.


Only people with knowledge of SST tyres should fit them.

SST tyres must only be fitted together with TPMS.

After an error message about low tyre pressure has been shown, do not drive faster than 80 km/h.

Maximum mileage before tyre replacement is 80 km.

Avoid hard driving such as sudden braking or turning.

SST tyres must be replaced if they are damaged or punctured.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Standard in certain markets.

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