Checking and filling with AdBlue®

Check the AdBlue level regularly and top up if the message for low AdBlue level is shown in the driver display.

The AdBlue consumption is dependent on driving style, if the AdBlue tank is allowed to drain completely then it will no longer be possible to start the car.


Never run the AdBlue tank dry. Fill the tank in good time before it is empty.

If the tank is run dry, it will not be possible to start the engine after it is switched off – not the regular way or using aids.

The only way to be able to restart after driving the tank empty is to refill AdBlue of specified quality, with the minimum being the quantity shown in the driver display.

Checking AdBlue level

Press iCup-2037-App view symbol in the centre display.
Press Car status.

Press Oil and AdBlue.

The colour of the cursor changes from green to orange when less than 25% of the tank remains available, and changes to red when less than 10% remains.

Filling with AdBlue

P5-21w22-iCup-Adblue symbol white

When the AdBlue level starts to become low, a symbol illuminates in the driver display and the Refill AdBlue well in advance No restart after %1 %2 message is shown.

Do not overfill the tank.

Use AdBlue of the correct quality1

Open the fuel filler flap with a gentle press on the rear of the flap.
P6-1746-XC40-Adblue filling point

Open the blue cover for the smaller filler pipe intended for AdBlue.

Fill slowly/in portions, in order to avoid air pockets.


When filling from the AdBlue pump at a filling station, it is advisable to use the pump adapted for passenger cars. The AdBlue pump for heavy vehicles can also be used.


Wipe away any spilled AdBlue.

Exercise caution to prevent AdBlue from coming into contact with the car's paintwork. If it does, rinse with plenty of water since the fluid can affect the paintwork.

  1. 1 ISO 22241