Remote starting the car using the Volvo Cars app*

Using the Volvo Cars app, the car's engine can be started remotely in order to heat or cool the car to a comfortable temperature.1

Start by ensuring that the car is in a location where it can be started in accordance with local environmental regulations and laws.

Start the car from the climate function in the Px-2037-VOC app icon Home tab. Enter within how many (1-15) minutes you plan to start to travel. Confirm that you want to start the car and identify yourself using the phone's unlock method, e.g. with PIN code, password, pattern, TouchID or FaceID.

It may also be possible to select 30 minutes2. In which case, only the climate control starts but the car's engine does not. Read about remote start of climate control in the separate section.

It is possible activate the function in the Volvo Cars app twice in succession, after that the car has to be started with the key before you can activate the function via the app again.

When the car is started remotely, functions such as seat heating, heated mirrors, and heated rear window are activated.

Points to remember for remote start of the car

The following requirements must be met before the function is used:

  • The car is locked.
  • There are no car keys in the car.
  • The bonnet is locked.
  • The car is parked and the gearbox is in Park.
  • The engine is not running.
  • The car is under supervision.
  • There are no people or animals in or around the car.
  • The car is not parked inside an enclosed space/area without sufficient ventilation.
  • There is no risk to anyone who is in direct contact with the car (e.g. during a service in a workshop or children playing near the car).
  • By law, use of the function is permitted at the set time.

The system will also check the following before starting the car:

  • Engine status is OK (no critical fault codes).
  • Sufficient fuel level (more than 8 litres (2.11 US gallons)).

You will also find user recommendations in the Volvo Cars app.


For safety reasons, it is not possible to drive the car after it has been remote started via the Volvo Cars app. The function will be active until you depress the brake pedal and turn the ignition dial.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  3. 2 Only available for Recharge models and cars equipped with fuel heater.