From child seats to booster cushions, at Volvo Cars, we’ve been delivering child safety products since the 1970s, constantly seeking to improve safety for children when they travel in our cars.

A child sat leaning on a wall with a black Volvo parked beside.
A family with three children about to get inside a Volvo

Everyone’s included

Safety for everyone – driver, passengers, other motorists and, of course, pedestrians – is our number one priority. We’ve always been an innovative leader in the field of safety, and child safety is no exception.

Designed for life

Our unique approach to child safety includes tests based on real-life traffic situations. That's why we strongly recommend rearward-facing child seats for children aged four and under.

Front seat child safety

With recent advances in airbag technology, we have updated our recommendations for child safety in the front seat. Different recommendations apply based on your Volvo's model year.

Profile shot of a child seat.

Child seats

Made from 80 per cent breathable natural wool fabric, our child seats combine everything we know about safety with beautiful Scandinavian design.

A child on a car seat smiling

A heritage of child safety innovations

We have remained at the forefront of child safety and research since the 1970s. Discover our most important child safety innovations over the years.

An adult carrying a toddler with some others waiting near a car.

Next generation interior child safety

When life happens, mistakes happen too. When it does, radars with occupant-sensing technology scan the cabin to prevent a toddler or even a pet from being left behind in a car.

Volvo Cars’ safety features complement safe driving practices and are not intended to enable or encourage distracted, aggressive, or otherwise
unsafe or illegal driving. Ultimately, the driver is responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle at all times. Described features may be optional and
availability may vary from one country to another.