The safety of everyone inside, or indeed outside, a Volvo car is part of the philosophy that our founders introduced back in 1927 – indeed, technology that we introduced has helped save over one million lives. We also want to protect the environment you live in – sustainability informs everything we do, and that’s why we work hard to reduce the impact of our cars by making more efficient engines and cleaner factories.


Nobody dies in a new Volvo by 2020

By pushing technological boundaries, we have reduced the risk of being hurt in an accident when in a Volvo by 50% since 2000. And we’re going much further, with our goal that nobody should die or be seriously injured in a new Volvo by the year 2020.

Let us take you on a journey

Imagine how much safer your daily commute would be if your car could drive itself whilst using its advanced radar and camera technology to keep an eye on traffic and brake and steer as needed. Well, our future ‘self driving’ cars will be able to do just that. And because they will smooth traffic flow and ease congestion, they’ll benefit the environment, too. Read more about how your car will integrate with your life.


When less is more

Care for the world we live in is at the core of Volvo Cars. Our Drive-E powertrains are small and lightweight, so they offer as much power as significantly larger powertrains but with far better fuel consumption. That means our cars produce fewer harmful emissions and make better use of natural resources.

Efficient and environmentally aware

Anders Agfors, Senior Engineer, takes you on a journey through our Drive-E powertrains.

Our sustainable business

At Volvo Cars, sustainability is a living, evolving process that sits at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in our role in society and strive to be one step ahead, to meet the challenges of tomorrow, today. Sustainability is all about our commitment to people and the world we live in, and is based on the conviction that it creates business opportunities and reinforces our competitiveness. 

A catalyst for change

When engineers in America tested a Volvo in 1976, they thought their equipment was broken because the emissions readings were so low. But Volvo had fitted the world’s first three-way catalytic converter (Lambda Sond), cutting hazardous exhaust emissions by around 90 per cent. We realised how important that was for the world and left the patent open. Today, almost every engine in the world uses it.

One million lives

Keeping you safe has always been Volvo’s mission. And the humble safety belt has helped us save an estimated one million lives since Volvo’s Nils Bohlin introduced the three-point safety belt back in 1959. Since then, we’ve been on a constant path of innovation – right up to creating the world’s first seat belts that pre-tighten when the car senses that a rear impact is imminent.

Simple, light, safe

Child car seats are typically bulky, heavy and tedious to mount. Not so Volvo’s inflatable child seat concept. As simple as it is clever, it’s a lightweight, easy-to-pack, easy-to-carry inflatable child seat that’s every bit as safe as a regular child seat. Even grandparents will be happy to carry it.