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Alcohol lock* - before starting the engine

The function of the alcohol lock is to prevent the car from being driven by individuals under the influence of alcohol.

The alcohol lock is activated automatically and is then ready for use when the car is opened.

  1. Nozzle for breath test.
  2. Switch.
  3. Transmission button.
  4. Lamp for battery status.
  5. Lamp for result of breath test.
  6. Lamp indicates ready for breath test.
  1. When the indicator lamp (6) is green the alcohol lock is ready for use.
  2. Withdraw the alcohol lock from its holder. If the alcohol lock is outside the car when it is unlocked then it must first be activated with the switch (2).
  3. Lift up the nozzle (1), take a deep breath and blow with an even pressure until a "click" is heard after approx. 5 seconds. The result will be one of the alternatives in the following table Result after breath test.
  4. If no message is shown then the transmission to the car may have failed - in which case, press the button (3) to transmit the result to the car manually.
  5. Fold down the nozzle and refit the alcohol lock in its holder.
  6. Start the engine following an approved breath test within 5 minutes - otherwise it must be repeated.

Result after breath test

Indicator lamp (5) + Display textSpecification
Green lamp + Alcoguard Approved testStart the engine - no alcohol content measured.
Yellow lamp + Alcoguard Approved testEngine starting possible - measured alcohol content is above 0.1 mg/ml but below the limit value in force1.
Red lamp + Disapproved test Wait 1 minute to try againEngine starting not possible - measured alcohol content is above the limit value in force1.


After a completed period of driving, the engine can be restarted within 30 minutes without a new breath test.

  1. 1 Limit values vary from country to country. Find out what applies in your country. See also Alcohol lock.

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