Volvo On Call

PIN code for Volvo On Call

עודכן 7/23/2018

The PIN code is used for security purposes and to identify the individual authorised to perform Volvo On Call (VOC) services.

The four-digit PIN code that is sent to the car owner when the dealer activates the subscription is used for security reasons to identify the individual authorised to perform certain VOC services, e.g. unlock the car via VOC service centre or create an account for the mobile app.

Forgotten or change of PIN code

If the PIN code has been forgotten or needs to be changed (e.g. when buying a used car), contact a dealer or press on the ON CALL button in the car. The new code will be sent to the car owner.

Incorrect PIN code has been entered for the app repeatedly

The account will be locked after incorrectly entering the PIN code ten times in a row. A new PIN code must be selected in order to be able to use the app again, and a new app account created by following the same process as when the app account was previously created.

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