Make it your own

Review our popular options below or consult a dealer for the full range of finishing touches.

Exterior styling

With two premium styling kits and a wide range of accessories you can put your own touch to the all-new XC90.
Rugged Luxury with running boards

This kit includes tech matt black exterior trim, stainless steel skid plates, front deco frames, integrated exhaust pipes and integrated running boards with illumination.

22" alloy rims

Premium 6-double spoke, diamond-cut rims in black matte add a sporty edge to your all-new XC90.

Running Boards

Running boards, integrated with illumination. An exclusive and stylish Running board that enhances the luxurious appearance of the car.

Skid plate styling kit

With well-judged touches of stainless steel, the Skid plate styling kit adds a luxurious sparkle to your XC90.The integrated double tailpipes are included and complete the look of elegant power. This Styling Kit is available in all body colours and includes skid plates on the rear and front bumpers.

Tech & Sound

Complement the all-new XC90’s intuitive driver controls and premium audio experience with accessories for your specific needs.

Red Key

The Red Key is ideal if you let an older child with a new driver’s license, or a valet parking, drive your car. It limits some uses of the car, for example the top speed and the audio volume. Of course, you can adjust the Red Key’s settings as you see fit.

Sensus Navigation

Sensus Navigation gives you smartly integrated navigation without the need for a lot of buttons. You get information through the Driver display, the head-up display or the centre display. Sensus Navigation also connects you to apps and cloud-based services that can help you find parking spots, communicate or simply find the best coffee in town.

Pack & Load

These smart accessories are both practical and elegant and they ensure you get the most out of your all-new XC90.
Retractable Towbar

You can easily keep this semi-electrical towbar out of sight when you don’t need it by simply pressing a button.

Steel Grille

Make sure everything stays put. The protective Steel Grille prevents loads from being thrown forward during a collision or hard braking.

Dog Gate

The Dog Gate ensures that your dog is safely kept where it belongs, even when the tailgate is fully opened. In combination with the protective grille, the load liner and the load compartment divider, one or two dog gates can be installed. The gate is easy to open, close and can also be removed from the car when not in use.

Reversible textile cargo compartment mat

This elegant textile mat allows you to maintain the attractive appearance of the load compartment even if you occasionally transport dirty loads. The mat is reversible and waterproof, with colour-keyed fabric on one side and plastic on the other.


Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your passengers. And as you’d expect from us, our child seats are among the safest you’ll find.

Infant seat (up to 13kg)

Infants up to one year of age travel safely in this rear-facing seat. Side wings help protect in a side impact, and you can easily adjust the padded headrest and five-point harness. There’s a canopy to block the sun, too. This infant seat is also easy to carry and can be used as a carrycot.

Convertible child seat (9-25 kg)

This advanced, flexible rearward-facing child seat is suitable for children aged 9 months to six years. It’s fitted using the car’s safety belt and is easily adjusted to help optimise comfort and safety.

Booster seat (15-36 kg)

Volvo’s booster seat helps position a child at the correct height for the safety belt and is designed to optimise side impact protection. The headrest and width adjust easily to enhance comfort, and the backrest can be reclined when your child wants to rest.

Comfort upholstery for integrated child seat

Give your child a safe, comfortable journey. This new generation of comfort upholstery and head restraints for the integrated booster cushion, not only provides good support, but also keeps the car’s original upholstery clean.

Our Innovation Brands

Everything we do is designed around people, so every innovation we make is designed to simplify and improve your life. We're especially proud of our advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety. We call our thinking in these areas: Drive-E, Sensus and IntelliSafe.