Preconditioning - parking inside

With the Indoor parking option the electrically-driven heater is activated during preconditioning.
P3-1320 Symbol parking indoor

If you select the Indoor parking setting then the fuel-driven heater is deactivated during preconditioning. This heating will have a slightly lower performance than the Outdoor parking setting in outside temperatures lower than 5 °C.


The car must be connected to the mains power circuit before the electrically-driven heater can be activated.


Do not use the fuel-driven auxiliary heater indoors in unventilated areas. Exhaust fumes are given off.
Press OK to access the menu.
Scroll with the thumbwheel to Preconditioning and select with OK.
If the setting Indoor parking has already been made then the symbol for this is shown in the display, in which case continue from point 7.
If Outdoor parking is selected then the symbol for this is shown instead. Scroll with the thumbwheel to the symbol and select with OK.
Scroll forward in the next menu to Indoor parking and select with OK.
Go back in the menu with RESET.
Select whether or not seat heating and steering wheel heating1 should be activated. Scroll with the thumbwheel to P3-1320 Symbol frontseats heat – text and select with OK.
Scroll with the thumbwheel to Driver seat or Passenger seat and select with the OK button if they should be activated2 during preconditioning.
Exit the menu with RESET.
  1. 1 Seat heating and steering wheel heating can only be activated when the car is plugged into the mains power circuit.
  2. 2 Tick the box to activate.