General information about preconditioning

The climate in the car's passenger compartment can be preconditioned (acclimatised) before departure, in both hot and cold climates.
In different cases, the preconditioning uses the car's fuel-driven and electrically-driven heaters and the car's AC system:
  • In a cold climate the fuel-driven heater heats both the engine and the passenger compartment - the electrically-driven heater only heats the passenger compartment before departure.
  • In a hot climate the AC system cools the passenger compartment.

Preconditioning the car reduces wear.

During preconditioning in warm weather, condensation from the air conditioning may drip under the car. This is normal.


During preconditioning of the passenger compartment, the car works to reach comfort temperature and not the temperature set in the climate control system.


The compressor can operate and cool the hybrid battery even when passenger compartment cooling is not selected or required. The compressor emits noise.


The car's doors and windows should be closed during the preconditioning of the passenger compartment.

Options for preconditioning

Select from the following:
Preconditioning can then be activated:
  • directly via the information display, remote control key* or mobile*
  • with timer.


Volvo recommends that you activate preconditioning via the timer, and then have the car connected to the mains power circuit.

Connection to the mains power circuit

The car can be preconditioned both when connected and not connected* to the mains power circuit.

When the car is plugged into the mains power circuit1

  • Heating/cooling can last up to 50 minutes.
  • Seat and steering wheel heating can be activated during preconditioning.

When the car is not plugged into the mains power circuit*

  • Heating can last up to 50 minutes.
  • Cooling takes place for 2-3 minutes.

During preconditioning, the electrically-driven heater and AC system use power from the hybrid battery. If the car is not connected to the mains power circuit during preconditioning then the mileage for electric operation is reduced accordingly.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 A charging station which is not always active, e.g. because of a timer, may cause loss of function for preconditioning.