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In-house software: new Range Assistant app for electric cars

19 OCT 2021

We’re soon rolling out a new over-the-air software update for our fully electric Volvos. The software package also contains a new, in-house developed in-car app: the Range Assistant.

We’re the new owners of the Luqiao plant

18 OCT 2021

We’ve reached an agreement with Geely to take full ownership of our Luqiao manufacturing plant in China – which means that in a few years, we’ll own all plants producing our cars.

C40 Recharge now on the street

07 OCT 2021

It's electric, leather free and turning heads – better still, the first customer-bound C40 rolls off the line today.

Better range and charging for next-gen electric Volvos

02 SEPT 2021

As we’re rapidly moving towards becoming a fully electric car company, we’re bringing both development and production of batteries closer to home.

More battery power to the people

31 AUG 2021

We’re expanding our popular fully electric XC40 Recharge line-up with a new, single electric motor variant.

A new safety standard comes to the next generation of Volvos

24 JUN 2021

Our next generation of cars should be the safest cars we’ve ever made and will introduce our first fully autonomous feature.

Batteries of the future

21 JUN 2021

If we are to become a fully electric car maker, we’re going to need a lot of high-quality batteries. Which is why we’re now teaming up with fellow Swedish innovators Northvolt.