The Volvo XC60

A car to take you further

A commanding view, an agile drive. Wherever you go.

The In-command Suv

A Pleasure to Drive, Whatever Your Journey

The XC60 is the car for all occasions, whether you are after a refined city drive or an exhilarating adventure. In town, agile handling and versatility make it a stylish companion. In the country, high ground clearance means you can go further than you felt possible. And on the motorway, the XC60 comes with all the long-distance comfort you’d expect from a Volvo.

Driver Support

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control helps you keep a set speed or distance to the car in front. Just select desired speed and time gap to the vehicle in front, and enjoy smooth driving from standstill up to motorway speeds (200 km/h). In stop-and-go city traffic, Queue Assist* helps you follow the vehicle ahead as it accelerates and slows down. On the highway, your speed automatically adapts to the slower moving vehicle to help you maintain a proper distance. 

*The Queue Assist function from 0 to 30 km/h requires Geartronic™ automatic transmission.

Tech & Sound

Harman Kardon

With an incredibly realistic stage sound as well as enhanced bass performance, this sound system provides an unparalleled experience for every passenger.

Choose Your Expression


Begin your journey

Configure your own XC60, or speak with a Volvo dealer to answer any questions you may have.