Volvo car genuine service

We know what’s Important

When you visit a Volvo workshop, you can expect unrivalled expertise and quality. So you can relax knowing your Volvo will perform the way it should.

Volvo Car Genuine Service

Our workshops offer more than just a service. Not only do you get peace of mind from knowing your car is taken care of by Volvo experts using Volvo Car Genuine Parts. We also offer free software updates, a complimentary car wash and a personal service contact. Plus other extras to make your visit more convenient and rewarding.

Personal Service Contact

Your personal service contact will answer any questions you may have and provide support when you need it.

Software Updates

We’re continually improving the software in our cars. Volvo Car Genuine Service includes software updates, which means your car can get a little better after every service.

Car Wash

It’s nice to have a clean and newly-washed car. We wash your Volvo for you every time we service it.

Volvo Assistance

Volvo Assistance provides breakdown help and reassurance 24/7. After each service, we will extend your Volvo Assistance for one year at no extra cost.

Alternative Transport

While our experts are taking care of your car, we’ll offer you alternative transport so you can get on with your day.

Health Check

Our expert technicians will carry out a thorough inspection of your Volvo’s safety systems as well as checking the status of your battery. Just to be on the safe side.

Additional Volvo services

Services designed to suit you

Whether it’s cleaning your upholstery, repairing, or changing a tyre, at our workshops you’ll find a service dedicated to taking care of it.

Wheel services

Only Volvo experts know which tyres and rims are best for your particular Volvo model. And only Volvo experts have the knowledge, skills, and equipment at their disposal to take care of them.

Volvo Professional Car Care

Trained Volvo professionals will not only clean parts of your car, such as windows and door panels, they will also treat the leather and textiles in a way both you and your Volvo will really appreciate.

Smart repair

Repair or replace? Our Volvo-trained professionals will assess any damage and advise smart repairs for minor dents, light scratches in a way that’s best for your Volvo. A way that won’t compromise safety or performance.

Car climate check

Our expert technicians will check and clean your Volvo’s climate control system so that you can always enjoy the perfect in-car climate, and any minor faults don’t turn into costly repairs.

Volvo Service Plans

A smarter approach to service

Our service plans are designed around you and your driving needs. By spreading your payments out on an interest-free monthly basis, through easy payment plans you can enjoy maximum coverage without having to worry about the cost.