“Travel with your own hotel” was the main heading of the brochure for the camping trailer in 1957. In the fifties, travelling by car was a novel idea made popular by an increasingly popular new phenomenon - the annual holiday. If, in addition, the car interior could convert into a bed for two, the car virtually sold itself. Volvo Cars has a long tradition of offering cars that combine flexibility with versatility. Today we can e.g. offer a camping table as an accessory for the V70, XC70 and XC90 models. Already in 1957, however, we were demonstrating our concern for family life.

On an even more flexible note, it was possible to convert from caravan to ordinary trailer. The price label showed 2700 SEK in 1957. No caravans seem to have survived, unfortunately!

Technical Specifications

Produced: 1957 - 1957
Volume: 53
Body: Collabsible, double plywood wallsroof and lower part in aluminium or PVC-coated fabric, bottom sheet iron.
Brakes: No
Dimensions: Fully height: 180 cm Ready to run - height: 103 cm Width: 180 cm Overall length, incl. tow hook: 310 cm Overall lenght, body: 225 cm, weight 320 kg.
Misc: Linells Vagn AB is owned by AB Volvo since 1974 and is today knowed as VAH, Volvo Articulated Haulers AB.