Apple CarPlay

Enjoy the functionality of your iPhone

Smarter and easier

Apple CarPlay is a smarter and easier way of using your iPhone in the car. The technology allows you to control the functions of your iPhone either through the car’s touch screen, steering wheel controls or voice function Siri.

Use standard Apple applications

Via the standard applications that can be recognised from Apple’s operating system, you can write text messages, make a call, listen to music and navigate. To use more applications, such as Spotify or Podcasts, it is required that these are downloaded onto your iPhone.

Focus on the road with Siri

Thanks to the voice function Siri, you can focus fully on the road. Not only can Siri read out and write text messages but it can also call contacts from the phone book by you speaking to the function. To use the map application you can either enter the destination on the car’s touch screen or tell Siri the destination.