Volvo Car Financial Services

Premium lease and loan vehicle options

Lease options

Leasing on your terms

Leasing is available for 24 to 48 month terms. You can drive a new Volvo every few years while under the manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance plans without the burden of negotiating trade-in values.

Choice of mileage plans

We offer mileage plans from 12,000 km per year to 24,000 km per year.

Single payment lease

A single payment lease provides convenience and savings. You make just one payment at your lease signing, freeing you from monthly payments. This single lease payment is less than the amount you would pay over the term of a conventional lease.

Business lease options

Under our business lease option, owners have the flexibility to lease a new Volvo through their businesses.

Guaranteed auto protection waiver

Our GAP waiver is included in your lease agreement at no additional cost to you. If your leased Volvo is declared a total loss due to theft, accident or natural disaster, we will cover the difference between the insurance proceeds and the balance owed to Volvo Car Financial Services less any deductible.

Excess wear and use protection plan

As a part of everyday driving, normal wear and use can be expected. However, when turning in your leased vehicle, you may be responsible for any excess wear and use damage. We offer an optional plan to protect you and your car from the unexpected.