Our winter starts at 7°C

Conquer Winter with Volvo Genuine Winter Wheels Kits

As winter's icy grip tightens, don't let your Volvo face the cold unprepared. The Volvo Genuine Winter Wheels Kits are your reliable companions for conquering winter's challenges. These kits are the result of meticulous engineering and a strong commitment to quality. They combine high-quality aluminum wheels with specially designed winter tires, all engineering-approved. Every component undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they work together seamlessly, delivering unparalleled traction on slippery surfaces.

With Volvo Genuine Winter Wheels Kits, your winter journeys are filled with confidence. You'll be well-prepared to tackle the most unpredictable road conditions, with improved grip, enhanced safety, and restored handling in snowy or icy weather. Embrace winter with confidence by equipping your Volvo with the Volvo Genuine Winter Wheels Kits. Say goodbye to winter worries and hello to a season of safe and secure driving.

Volvo Winter Wheel grip

It's All About Grip

Safety is paramount at Volvo, and we understand that it played a significant role in your purchase decision. Opting for summer or all-season tires in the winter compromises the functionality of several safety features that rely on tire grip when temperatures drop below 7°C. At Volvo, we want you to drive with confidence, and that starts with the right tires for the season.

Safety technologies depend on grip. A Volvo Winter Wheel Kit helps you get the most out of these safety features.

- Rear Collision Mitigation
- Electronic Stability Control
- Lake Keeping Aid
- Pilot Assist

Volvo Winter Wheel Kit

- Adaptive Cruise Control
- Run-off Road Mitigation
- Cross Traffic Alert with Auto Brake
- Blind Spot Information with Steer Assist
- Oncoming Mitigation by Braking

- Oncoming Lane Mitigation
- Pedestrian Detection
- Cyclist Detection
- Large Animal Detection
- Other Vehicle Detection

Volvo products, technology and services cannot guarantee safety or the avoidance of collisions since road and weather conditions as well as driver alertness and competence play a part.

Volvo Winter Wheel Kits

Explore All Wheel Options

Ready to conquer the winter with confidence? Download our Winter Wheels Brochure, your comprehensive guide to making the right choices for a safe and reliable winter journey. Find all the information you need to ensure you're fully prepared for the season ahead. Don't wait; equip yourself with knowledge and make your winter driving experience unforgettable.