Shopping for your Volvo online

We've made it easy for you to shop for and reserve your Volvo on our website



Select your preferred features, paint colors, interior options, equipment packages and more.



Calculate different lease, finance and cash prices. You can also add protection plans and accessories.



Place a fully refundable $1000 deposit through our online service to reserve your Volvo.

General Q&A

What is Volvo Car Digital Retail?

Volvo Cars has introduced a modernized, customer-centric way to shop for a Volvo vehicle online. You will buy or lease the car from your selected retailer, but Volvo Car Digital Retail allows you to complete parts of the shopping process online, saving you time at the retailer during your in-store visit.

Do I have to do all the steps online before I visit the retailer?

No. Digital Retail is designed to be a flexible omni-channel experience so you can start online shopping and then continue where you left off at the retailer. Alternatively, you can start your Digital Retail Journey at the retailer and continue your progress at home, if you want.

How much of the shopping process can I do online?

With Volvo Car Digital Retail, you can view inventory and retailer pricing, add accessories and protection products, get a trade-in estimate, send a credit application and reserve a vehicle with a credit card deposit, and book a test drive with your retailer.

I have a specific Volvo retailer that I would like to buy from. Can I pick which retailer I want to work with?

Yes. From the Digital Retail virtual showroom, click on “Find a Retailer” in the top right corner of the webpage then search for and select your preferred retailer to see their inventory.

Can I save my purchase progress within Volvo Car Digital Retail to continue at another time?

Yes! Save your progress by creating a Volvo Digital Retail account. You can create an account by clicking “Save for Later” then completing and submitting the form that populates. After that, you will receive an email with a personalized link to use for Digital Retail. This is the only link you will need to access your deal. No usernames. No passwords. Easy.

What is the difference between vehicles “in-transit” versus vehicles “in-stock”?

Vehicles that are "in-transit" are estimated to be within 2 weeks of arriving to the retailer, depending on which retailer you are working with.

"In-Stock" vehicles refer to vehicles that are physically at a Volvo retailer. This means that they are ready to be delivered soon after purchase.

Will the price I see online match the price at the retailer?

Yes. The pricing on Digital Retail is the same as it would be at a retailer. Base price, freight & PDI, AC tax, provincial levies and retailer specific admin fees that may apply are all included in the pricing breakdown which is available to view in a vehicle page within Volvo Cars Digital Retail.

What does it mean to submit a credit application online?

We are pleased to offer you the possibility to submit a credit application for your desired car model online. Upon submission your credit application will be sent to your selected retailer who will review the application and guide you through the following process.

What does it mean to submit a trade-in application online?

You are now able to submit a vehicle appraisal from the comfort of your living room! We are pleased to present you with a tool that allows you to capture your vehicle, add comments and receive an estimated trade-in value, so you can continue with your Volvo Cars online shopping experience with ease. Please note that a retailer final inspection would be required to finalize any purchase.

New Car Purchase

How do I buy a vehicle?

With Volvo Car Digital Retail, you can start the purchase by selecting your preferred payment option and reserving an available vehicle at your selected retailer with a credit card deposit. The deposit is then sent to your selected retailer who will be in touch with you shortly to coordinate the final purchase. Alternatively, you can reach out to your selected retailer by clicking the “Check Availability” button to inform about your interest in the chosen car model. Your selected retailer will then reach out to you shortly.

What does it mean to place a deposit?

Every car model that is in stock and available for purchase can be reserved by placing a deposit. The deposit will be sent to your selected retailer that has the vehicle in stock. After submission of the deposit your selected retailer will reach out to you shortly to coordinate and finalize the purchase. The deposit is not legally binding and is refundable.

Can I choose options to lease/finance or pay cash with Volvo Car Digital Retail?

Yes. You can use the payment estimator on the vehicle details page and then decide on your payment type (lease, finance or cash) as well as your desired term (number of months), down payment (if any), and payment frequency that we will pass along to your retailer.

If I change my mind during the process, am I obligated to buy?

Not at all, you’re under no obligation to buy the vehicle until you sign the final documents which would happen at the retailer. Using Digital Retail is NOT an obligation to purchase or lease the vehicle.

Does a reservation with a credit card deposit mean I am obligated to buy the vehicle?

No. The payment of your deposit does not constitute the purchase or lease of a vehicle. You must enter into a vehicle purchase or lease agreement with your retailer to purchase or lease the vehicle. Your deposit is not transferable or assignable to another party without the prior written approval of the retailer. Your deposit will be applied to the purchase of your new vehicle. You may request that your deposit be refunded. You may cancel your order at any time prior to entering into a definitive vehicle purchase or lease agreement with your retailer and you will receive a full refund of your deposit in that case.

Why do some car models not offer the possibility to place a deposit and reserve a vehicle?

Due to a global semiconductor shortage, some car models and/or optional features may be currently sold-out or not available. For those car models, a reservation by placing a deposit is currently not possible. Instead, you can save your configuration for later and contact your local retailer to express your interest and get an estimate of future availability.

How do I get my Volvo vehicle delivered?

When you place a refundable deposit to reserve a vehicle, your selected retailer will be in touch with you shortly to coordinate the final purchase and vehicle delivery timing.

How soon will my Volvo be delivered?

The delivery time of the vehicle will depend on its stock availability and location. Your selected retailer will reach out to you to confirm the vehicle delivery date and arrange a hand-over time that is convenient for you.


When can I expect to receive a response of my trade-in submission?

As best practice, our teams aim to provide you with a trade-in estimate within 2 hours or less of submission during business hours.

How long is the trade-in estimate valid for?

Every estimate provided is valid for 72 hours. Make sure you are in touch with your retailer within that time period to ensure your estimated valuation is factored at the time of your purchase. Please note that in the event of lengthy wait times for delivery, additional transactional discussions between the retailer and the customer may be required, when it pertains to the trade-in value.

What will my trade-in valuation be based on?

The pricing algorithms used incorporate the model year, mileage, vehicle condition and market-based wholesale valuation among parameters. Our market-based values are reflective of the most relevant national pre-owned vehicle wholesale performances available at the time.

Does my vehicle have to be a Volvo to trade-in?

The tool enables fair valuation of most brands sold in Canada, as long as pre-owned wholesale market-based valuation is available.

Credit Application

How long will it take to get my credit application evaluated? Who will be contacting me?

Your credit application will first be reviewed by your selected retailer. Upon review, your retailer will be connecting with you. As a best practice, we aim to connect with you within 2 business days of submission.

Do I need to wait until my credit is approved to continue my purchase intentions of a vehicle?

No, you may wish to submit your credit application and continue the journey. However, a credit decision by our preferred finance partner will determine the availability of lease or loan with the selected program (rate and term).

Where is my financial information being kept?

Please review to our privacy statement.

Which bank will evaluate my credit application?

Volvo Cars has a preferred finance partner, Scotiabank. They will evaluate your submission. Should you and your selected retailer require, the information may then be shared with a selected financial institution.

Will I need to provide specific documents or notify my own bank?

Upon review and assessment of your credit submission, your selected retailer will inform you if additional information or documentation is required, or if a discussion is required with your bank.

What happens if my credit application gets denied?

Should the review of your submission result in denial or request for additional information your retailer will contact you to discuss options you may have available.

How long do I have to wait to re-apply after a denied credit application?

Your selected retailer will contact you and provide details on what options you have available. Timing for resubmission to our preferred financial institution will vary based on the evaluation.

Is the credit application binding?

No, the credit application alone does not commit you to the selected vehicle and/or program.

Can I lower or increase the credit amount after the application has been submitted and/or approved?

The option is available, based on credit review.

Can I change my selected car model after the credit application?

Yes, you are not committed to the selected vehicle based on submitting a credit application. However, a change in vehicle, program or other may require a new credit review to occur.