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SUVs, wagons, sedans and hybrids

Explore the sections below to learn about the history and the ideas behind each class of car and SUV. At Volvo Cars, we have a history of innovation, not only when it comes to safety, but also in terms of building cars that set a new standard for other manufacturers to follow. We believe our success is due to a philosophy of designing cars around people, and that is why our cars have had an impact in every segment in which we operate.

SUVs – For an active life style

The SUV type, was originally a car based off the construction of a light truck. Today, it generally refers to a car that has a higher ground clearance, AWD and some ability to handle rougher roads. These qualities make SUVs perfect for an active lifestyle where you are expecting to drive both in the city and on dirt roads on your way to some new adventure.

We’ve taken the SUV concept into the future with a level of luxury, sophistication and safety that sets our models apart from the rest. Regardless if you are looking for something sportier or the ability to carry up to seven people, our SUVs will offer you something out of the ordinary.

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Wagons – Luxury for the whole family

Safe, versatile, comfortable and suited for the Canadian climate and roads, a wagon is perfect for families or drivers with passengers and equipment. No other car brand is as associated with wagons as Volvo Cars. And for good reason, we believe. Our wagons offer comfort, luxury and sophistication in all their features, from seating, to how you interact with in-car technology. It is Swedish design at its best, merging the practical with the beautiful.

Historically the wagon, or estate car, carried people between trains and estates. It was a high-end, luxury vehicle that was associated with the aristocracy and hunting parties. Some of that flare remains in our models, as we aim to offer the driver and passenger the best comforts and support on their journeys. We know that a wagon is primarily a car used by people who travel together, and that’s why we have made sure to take all the passengers into account, and given the driver the support needed to make each journey a pleasure.

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Sedans – Luxurious sophistication

Experience our most refined cars, built to give you the highest level of luxury and driving experience. Our sedans combine dynamic driving with the comforts of modern technology. With a selective approach to materials and with design for performance, they bear all the marks of the quality and attention to detail expressed in the Swedish design heritage.

Sedans are the technological continuation of the carrying chair. Built not only for travel and comfort, but also to impress. The sedan therefore, is the ultimate expression of a luxury car. We have taken that heritage and expressed it in a refined manner that puts humans at the center: the driver, the passenger, and those around you.

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Hybrids and Electric Vehicles – The future is here

We have made a promise that all our new models from 2019 and onwards will have some kind of electrical engine, either as a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid or as a pure electric vehicle. This marks the beginning of a new era in car manufacturing, where the combustion engine is being replaced.

Our plug-in hybrids offer you excellent power and torque, and that is of course especially true for our XC90 Plug-in Hybrid with the T8 Twin AWD engine in combination with an electric engine. It is a truly exhilarating combination of luxury, power, and capacity associated with SUVs. At the same time, you keep your emissions and fuel costs down.

Hybrids and Electric Vehicles – The future is here