Door and seat belt reminders

This system is intended to remind occupants to buckle their seat belts and to alert the driver if a door, hood or other opening (trunk, sunroof, etc.) is open.

Graphics in the instrument panel

P5-1817-S90/V90–Safety–Driver display belt and door reminder
Graphics in the instrument panel with various types of warnings. The warning colors for the doors/tailgate vary depending on the vehicle's speed.

The instrument panel graphic shows the seats where seat belts are buckled and not buckled.

The same graphic also indicates if the hood, tailgate or any door is open.

Confirm the graphic by briefly pressing the O button on the right-side steering wheel keypad.

Seat belt reminder

P5-1507–Safety–Overhead console belt reminder
Reminder light in ceiling console.

A seat belt reminder light illuminates in the ceiling console and a warning symbol is displayed in the instrument panel.

The audible reminder varies depending on the vehicle's speed, driving time and distance driven.

A seat belt status graphic in the instrument panel indicates when the driver's or a passenger's seat belt is buckled or unbuckled.

Child seats are not included in the seat belt reminder system.

Front seats

An audible signal and an indicator light remind unbuckled occupants to fasten their seat belts.

Rear seat

The rear seat belt reminder has two functions:
  • To indicate which seat belts are buckled in the rear seats. This will also be displayed in an instrument panel graphic.
  • To provide audio and visual reminders if any seat belt in the rear seat is removed while the vehicle is in motion. The reminder will stop when the seat belt has been rebuckled.

Door/hood/tailgate and fuel filler door reminder

If the hood, tailgate, fuel filler door or any door is not properly closed, this will be indicated by a graphic in the instrument panel. Stop the vehicle safely and close the open door, hood, etc.

P5-1507 Symbol General yellow

If the vehicle is moving at a speed under approx. 10 km/h (6 mph), the information symbol will illuminate in the instrument panel.

P5-1507 Symbol General red

If the vehicle is moving at a speed above approx. 10 km/h (6 mph), the warning symbol will illuminate in the instrument panel.