Displaying trip data in the instrument panel

Data recorded and calculated by the trip computer can be displayed on the instrument panel.

This data is stored in a trip computer app. You can choose which information the instrument panel will display in the app menu.

P5-1717-ALL-Trip computer navigation in driver display
Open and navigate in the app menu1 using the right-hand steering wheel keypad.
  1. P5-Icon red circle 1App menu
  2. P5-Icon red circle 2Left/right
  3. P5-Icon red circle 3Up/down
  4. P5-Icon red circle 4Confirm

Open the app menu in the instrument panel by pressing (1).

(The App menu cannot be opened while there is an unacknowledged message in the instrument panel. The message must be acknowledged by pressing the O button (4) before the App menu can be opened).

Navigate to the trip computer app by moving left or right using (2).
The top four menu rows show measured values for trip odometer TM. The next four menu rows show measured values for trip odometer TA. Scroll up or down in the list using (3).

Scroll down to the option buttons to choose which information to show in the instrument panel:

  • Odometer
  • Distance to empty tank
  • Tourist (alternative speedometer)
  • Mileage for trip odometer TM, TA or no display of mileage
  • Current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption for TM or TA, or no display of fuel consumption

Select or clear a selection using the O button (4). The change will apply immediately.

  1. 1 The illustration is generic - details may vary according to vehicle model.