Speed limit and speed camera warnings from Road Sign Information*

There are subfunctions for Road Sign Information (RSI1) that can alert the driver if the speed limit has been exceeded or if there are speed cameras nearby.
P5-XC90H-1519-Road Sign Information, speed camera information in driver display
Example of speed camera and speed limit information in the instrument panel

Speed limit warning

P5-1519-Road Sign Information, 90 km/h symbol

When Speed Warning is activated, the symbol for the current speed limit in the instrument panel2 will flash temporarily if that speed is exceeded.

The driver can be alerted if the vehicle is exceeding a detected speed limit and is approaching a speed camera.

Speed Limit Warning warns the driver if the vehicle's speed has exceeded the applicable speed limit or the stored maximum speed. The warning will be repeated once after about 30 seconds in that speed limit area if the driver does not slow down.

An additional warning will not be provided unless the vehicle's speed is reduced by at least 5 km/h (3 mph) and then exceeds the speed limit again or the vehicle enters a new/different speed limit area.


For an audible alert to be provided if the speed is exceeded, the Speed Limit Warning function must be activated and the Road Sign Audio Warning sub-function must be On. Audible alerts are provided if the vehicle's speed exceeds the speed displayed by Road Sign Information in the instrument panel.

Speed camera warning

P5-1519-Road Sign information, speed camera warning

Vehicles equipped with Road Sign Information and Sensus Navigation can provide information on upcoming speed cameras in the instrument panel3

If the vehicle exceeds a detected speed limit with the Speed Limit Warning function activated, the driver is given a speed warning when the vehicle is approaching a speed camera if the navigation map for the vehicle's current location contains information on speed cameras.


It is possible to receive an audible alert for speed cameras regardless of the vehicle's speed, whether or not the speed limit is exceeded, and even if the Road Sign Audio Warning function is deactivated.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Road Sign Information
  3. 2 Road signs differ by market – the illustration shown here is just an example.
  4. 3 Information on speed cameras on the navigation map is not available for all markets/areas.