Passenger compartment interior

Overview of the passenger compartment interior and storage spaces.

Front seats

P6-1746-XC40-Interior storage, front seat
Storage compartment in door panel, card holder to the left of the steering wheel, storage under driver's seat1, sun visors and glove compartment with fold-out hook.
P6-1917-XC40/H-Tunnel console storage
Storage compartment at leg area, electrical outlets and USB ports via wireless phone charger*, cup holder and storage under armrest in tunnel console.

Rear seat

P6-1746-XC40-Interior storage, back seat
Storage compartment in the door panel, cup holders* in the center seat's backrest, storage pocket* in the front seat's backrest and USB ports* in the tunnel console.


Store loose objects, such as cell phone, camera, remote control for extra equipment, etc., in the glove compartment or another compartment. Otherwise, these could injure people in the vehicle in the event of hard braking or a collision.


Keep in mind that glossy surfaces can be easily scratched by e.g. metal objects. Do not place keys, phones or similar items on sensitive surfaces.
  1. 1 A maximum of 1 kg (2.2 lbs) can be stored here.
  2. * Option/accessory.