Driver profile data sharing

When you begin using a new driver profile, the data sharing preferences for the profile will be set to the vehicle's default settings and be disabled.

If you want to begin using a new driver profile, data sharing must be enabled for the connected services the profile wants to use. This applies even if you have previously enabled data sharing for connected services for other driver profiles.

Sometimes, after a workshop visit or after a software update, some settings in your vehicle may be reset to their default settings. Because the data sharing settings are unique to each driver profile, data sharing must be reactivated individually for each profile.


When you buy a Volvo, the dealer can often provide assistance with settings in the vehicle and go through the various setting options with you. Among other things, this could mean that data sharing was already activated for connected services in the new car at the time of delivery.

If you then begin using a new driver profile, the data sharing settings for the new profile will be deactivated and must then be activated for the connected services you want to use. This also applies to data sharing settings for downloaded apps.

Checking which driver profile is being used

The data sharing settings may be different for different driver profiles in your vehicle. For example, one profile may have data sharing enabled for only one connected service, while another has the function enabled for all services and downloaded apps.

If you find that some apps or connected services do not seem to be working as they should in your vehicle, e.g. if you are repeatedly asked to allow data sharing for certain functions, check which driver profile is active and for which services the profile has activated data sharing.

You can change driver profile under Profile in Top view in your center display.

You can always choose to enable data sharing for the connected services you want to be able to use in a driver profile, but if the profile has protected and saved its settings, all of the changes you make will be temporary. This is because all settings for a protected driver profile will revert to the latest saved settings when the vehicle is switched off and locked.

To save changes made in a protected driver profile, go to SettingsSystemDriver ProfilesEdit Profile in your center display and tap the button at the bottom of the screen to save changes for the profile.

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