Keyless tailgate unlock*

With keyless locking/unlocking, touching the pressure-sensitive indentation on the tailgate handle will unlock the tailgate.


One of the vehicle's remote keys must be within range behind the vehicle for unlocking to be possible.
P6-1746-XC40-Tailgate handle

The tailgate is held closed by an electronic locking mechanism.

To open:
Lightly press the rubberized pressure plate on the underside of the tailgate handle.
The lock will disengage.
Lift the outer handle to open the tailgate.


  • Only light pressure on the rubberized pressure plate is necessary to release the tailgate's locking mechanism.
  • Use the handle to lift the tailgate and do not apply force to the rubberized pressure plate. Too much force can damage the pressure plate's electrical connections.

Hands-free unlocking of the tailgate is also possible using a foot movement under the rear bumper; see the separate section.


Do not drive with the tailgate open. Toxic exhaust fumes can be sucked into the vehicle through the cargo compartment.
  1. * Option/accessory.