Road Sign Information* display

Road Sign Information (RSI1) displays road signs in different ways depending on the sign and situation.
P5-1507-ALL-USA-road sign information speedometer
Example2 of registered speed information.

When the function has registered a speed limit sign, the sign will be displayed as a symbol in the instrument panel and a colored marking will be shown in the speedometer's speed scale.

If the vehicle is equipped with Sensus Navigation*, speed-related information will also be retrieved from map data, which means that the instrument panel can display or change information about speed limits even if the vehicle has not passed a speed-related sign.

Signs for "School" and "Children playing"

P5-1617-Road Sign Information, traffic sign Scool/playing children - USA

If the warning sign "School" or "Children playing" is included in the satellite navigator's map data3, a symbol of this type will be displayed in the instrument panel.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Road Sign Information.
  3. 2 Road signs differ according to market ‒ the illustrations shown here are just examples.
  4. 3 Only vehicles with Sensus Navigation*.