Problems when charging via wallbox

Updated 2022-11-29

In some cases, the charging of your plug-in hybrid vehicle might not start, if you have set the charging timers in the wallbox ("smart charging" feature).

This happens because not all wallboxes with "smart charging" functionality are compatible with all Volvo models and they are not able to activate the charging function in a vehicle that has been idle for a certain amount of time. For example, you come home from work, park your vehicle, plug it in and set the timer in the wallbox to start the charging in the middle of the night. If the wallbox does not have the capability to "wake up" your car, the charging will not start.

Recommendations to avoid the issue:

  • Confirm with the wallbox manufacturer that the product supports "smart charging" feature compatible with Volvo models. The model, model year and the drivetrain (Plug-in Hybrid or Electric vehicle) can affect the compatibility, so always provide that information to the manufacturer.
  • If you use "smart charging", ensure that no "scheduled charging" is set via Volvo Cars app or in the vehicle's center display.
  • Set "scheduled charging" in your Volvo Cars app instead of using "smart charging" of your wallbox. This function is now available for most of the Recharge models.

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