Frequently asked questions about Charging - Electric vehicles

Updated 2022-09-05
In the following article, you can read about the frequently asked questions regarding charging.

You can charge the vehicle at a home charging station or a public charging station:

Start charging:

  • When charging has started, the LED lamp in the charging input socket flashes green.

Stop charging:

  • Charging must be ended before unplugging the charging cable from the vehicle's charging input socket. If charging is not ended before the charging cable is disconnected, this may lead to damage to the charging cable or to the system.

Fast charge the vehicle via a charging station at home or via a public charging station:

Start fast charging:

  • When charging starts, the green LED light in the charging socket will begin to flash. The approximate remaining charging time or the charging status will be displayed in the instrument panel and center display.

Unlocking the vehicle during rapid charging:

  • Rapid charging will not normally be interrupted if the vehicle is unlocked. If fast charging is interrupted, it is not resumed automatically as the charging station requires charging to be reauthorized via the user interface. If rapid charging is stopped, the charging cable will not automatically lock into place again. To restart interrupted rapid charging, remove the charging cable from the vehicle's charging socket, then plug it in again and follow the instructions in the charging station's user interface.

End fast charging:

  • Never try to unplug the charging cable from the car while charging is in progress. Always end charging first by pressing the button next to the charging input socket or via the button in the center display. Then disconnect the charging cable when the lock in the car's charging input socket has been automatically unlocked.

In the event of problems removing the charging handle:

If the charging handle is left in the charging socket for a while after charging has stopped, the charging cable will automatically lock into place again. To release it, first try again to stop the charging. If the charging handle still does not release automatically, the following measures can be taken:

  1. Make sure that the key is within range and that the vehicle is unlocked.
  2. Safely cut the power supply to the charging station. When charging at a charging station, contact the charging station's customer care for assistance with stopping charging.
  3. Move the charging handle gently from side to side.
  4. Lock and unlock the vehicle.
  5. Lock the car and wait until the LED lamp at the car's charging input socket extinguishes. This can take up to 7 minutes. Then unlock the vehicle.

If the problem persists, contact your Volvo retailer.

Charging input socket LED signals:

White constantGuiding light
Yellow constantStand by. The charging cable is fitted into the charging input socket but charging has not started yet. The yellow light is shown for instance if the charging cable has been unlocked from the charging input socket.
Yellow flashingThe Release Switch Recharge Module (RSRM) button is pressed and the authorization check is ongoing.
Green flashingCharging ongoing. Slow flashing indicates that the battery is close to getting fully charged.
Green constantCharging is completed. The green light goes off after a while.
Red constantA fault detected in the charging system and no charging is permitted.
Red flashingAuthorization check failure.
Blue constantA timer-based charging is activated in the Volvo Cars application.

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