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Voice control with the Google Assistant

Updated 10/4/2021

Voice control with the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant, which is integrated in the vehicle, makes it possible to control a number of functions, such as the climate system, Google Maps for navigation, FM radio* and phone, using your voice.

What is the Google Assistant?

The Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that enables you control various functions in the vehicle using your voice and get assistance with other things, such as searching for information, getting weather forecasts, managing your Google Calendar, etc.

The assistant understands natural speech, i.e., no knowledge of specific commands is needed to get the system to perform different tasks. Instead, the user can speak freely with the system, which will respond with answers to questions or will notify the user that it did not understand what was said.

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Voice control microphone

What areas can be controlled using the Google Assistant?

In addition to asking the assistant to search for information on Google, search for weather forecasts, or manage your Google CalendarRequires Internet connection., you can also control a number of functions in the vehicle using your voice. These include:

  • media
  • FM radio*
  • phone and text messagesDictating text messages is only possible for phones with Android or iOS 13 or later.
  • navigation via Google Maps
  • climate


A poor connection can adversely affect the functions.


The driver is always responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is operated in a safe manner and that all applicable traffic regulations are followed.

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