12 V battery

Updated 11/10/2020

12 V battery

This battery powers the vehicle's primary electrical system, which includes most of the electrical equipment. The high-voltage battery is used to power the electric motor.

The battery is a 12 V battery that is dimensioned to power the vehicle's specific electrical systems and functions.

  • Never disconnect the battery while the vehicle is running.
  • Make sure the cables to the battery are correctly connected and the clamps are securely tightened.


If the battery is held in place with a tensioning strap, make sure that the strap is always securely tightened.


If replacing the battery, make sure you replace it with a battery of the same size, cold start capacity and type as the original battery (see the decal on the battery). Volvo recommends having an authorized Volvo workshop change batteries.


If the 12 V battery is disconnected, the function for automatic opening and closing must be reset to function correctly. A reset is required in order for the pinch protection to work.


  • The battery can generate oxyhydrogen gas, which is very explosive. A spark caused by an incorrectly connected jumper cable could be enough to make the battery explode.
  • The battery contains sulfuric acid, which could cause serious burn injuries.
  • If contact with eyes, skin or clothing occurs, flush the affected area immediately with water. Obtain medical help immediately if eyes are affected.
  • Never smoke near the battery.

12 V battery service life and capacity

The service life of the battery is influenced by a number of factors, including the number of discharges and climate conditions. If the vehicle has not been charged for a prolonged period of time, the battery's charge level decreases due to self-discharge. If the battery becomes discharged too many times, its service life will be shortened. A 12 V battery that is always kept fully charged has the maximum service life.


P6-XC40BEV-2037-12V battery location

12 V battery specifications

Battery type


Voltage (V)


Cold start capacityAccording to EN standard. - CCACold Cranking Amperes. (A)


Dimensions, L×W×H

277.7×174.4×188.5 mm (10.9×6.9×7.4 inches)

Capacity (Ah)


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