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Towing using a towline

This section refers to one vehicle being towed behind another using a towline.

Hill Start Assist

The function for assisting when starting the vehicle on inclines (HSA* ) helps prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an uphill gradient. When backing up a hill, HSA helps prevent the vehicle from rolling forward.

Braking on salted roads

When driving on salted roads, a layer of salt may form on the brake discs and brake pads.

Braking on wet roads

Prolonged driving in heavy rain without braking may cause braking effect to be slightly delayed the first time the brakes are applied.

Parking on a hill

Always use the parking brake when parking on a hill.

Service stations

You can use the vehicle's navigation system* to find a route to the nearest service station.

Eco drive mode

Eco drive mode can help make driving more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.

Economical driving

Drive economically and more environmentally conscious by thinking ahead and avoiding rapid starts and stops.

Preparing for a long trip

It is important to have the vehicle's systems and equipment checked carefully before driving long distances.

Battery drain

The electrical functions in the vehicle drain the battery to varying degrees. Avoid using ignition mode II when the engine is switched off. Use ignition mode I instead, as this uses less electrical current.

Driving through standing water

It may be necessary to drive the vehicle through standing water e.g. deep puddles or flooding on the road. This must be done with great caution.

Winter driving

It is important to check the vehicle before driving in cold/snowy conditions to make sure it can be driven safely.

Overheating of engine and transmission

In certain driving conditions, such as driving in mountainous areas or hot weather, there is a risk of the engine or transmission overheating, especially when carrying heavy loads.

Driving with a trailer

There are a number of things to consider when towing a trailer, such as the towbar, the trailer and how the load is distributed in the trailer.