Road Sign Information

Road Sign Information* limitations

Updated 1/31/2020

Road Sign Information* limitations

Road Sign Information (RSIRoad Sign Information) functionality may be reduced in certain situations.

The function could have reduced functionality due to e.g.:

  • faded road signs
  • signs located in a curve in the road
  • twisted or damaged signs
  • signs positioned high above the road
  • fully/partially obstructed or poorly positioned signs
  • signs partially or fully covered by frost, snow and/or dirt
  • digital road maps

    Vehicles equipped with Sensus Navigation*.

    that are outdated, incorrect or do not contain speed information

    Map data and speed information is not available for all areas.



Certain types of bike carriers that are connected to the trailer socket may be interpreted as a connected trailer by the RSI function. In such cases, the instrument panel may indicate incorrect speed information.


The function uses the vehicle's camera and radar sensor, which has certain general limitations.

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