Interior design

Take a closer look inside the XC40 SUV.

Close-up of the stitching on the Volvo XC40 mild hybrid’s leather front passenger seat featuring a tiny Swedish flag.
Close-up of the crystal gear shifter in the high-gloss black centre console of the Volvo XC40 mild hybrid.

Design highlights

A comfortable, qualitative and versatile interior of the Volvo XC40 SUV.

Discover your second home

With comfort, material quality and versatility in focus, the interior of the XC40 SUV soon feels like a second home.

Smart interior storage solutions in a Volvo XC40 SUV.

Smart cabin storage

Inside, you’ll discover smart storage solutions for water bottles, gym bags, phones, laptops, and even hooks to secure shopping bags or take-away food.

The boot of the Volvo XC40 mild hybrid SUV optimises storage capacity.

Flexible cargo solutions

Configure the spacious rear load compartment of the XC40 SUV to fit your needs. Seamlessly transform the floor into a cargo divider or shopping bag holder.

Panoramic roof on a Volvo XC40 SUV.

Open skies

In the city or on the open highway, a panoramic roof lets light flood in, creating a natural, spacious feel for everyone in the cabin.