Keeping you and your car connected

For more than thirty years, the interiors of Volvo cars have been graced with the finest leather from Bridge of Weir Leather Company in Scotland. Because behind every luxurious piece of Bridge of Weir leather, you’ll find over a century’s worth of craftsmanship, knowledge and expertise. In fact, many consider it to be the finest automotive leather in the world. Well, why else would it be in your Volvo?

The complete package

We design our cars around you. This human-centric approach has many benefits. Like knowing the functions you need, and the buttons that control them, are always easily within reach. A good example of this is the On Call button, which you’ll find conveniently positioned just above your head, ready to offer help and reassurance when you need it most. But what exactly does this button do and how can Volvo On Call help you get more out of life with your car?

Volvo On Call is a subscription service that allows you to access a wide range of other useful services – from 24-hour roadside assistance to providing calm, expert advice in a crisis. While the Volvo On Call smartphone app helps you to stay in constant contact with your car and control selected functions remotely. But that’s not all Volvo On Call has to offer. One press of the On Call button connects you directly with the expert personnel who work at the Volvo On Call service centre – experts like Fredrik Jansson.


Behind the button

Fredrik has been working as an Assistance Coordinator at the Volvo On Call service centre in Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm for nearly four years. In this time, he has seen first-hand how the services offered by the call centre have grown and evolved into something that really benefits Volvo drivers.

Over the last 4 years, the growth of Volvo On Call has been incredible,” says Fredrik with genuine enthusiasm. But it’s not only the amount of people using the service that has increased. As Volvo On Call has grown, so has Fredrik’s knowledge and expertise. “Initially, my training included basic customer service and communication techniques. But as time has gone on, and the Volvo On Call service has grown, I’ve had the opportunity to develop lots of important and interesting new skills.”

Fredrik has grabbed the opportunity to take his skills and knowledge to a new level with both hands. “I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with Volvo On Call at a really exciting time. The service is really evolving. I’ve also had the opportunity to help develop new service instructions together with Volvo Cars. It’s already been quite a journey.”

Working as a team

Volvo On Call offers Volvo drivers help and reassurance by providing roadside and emergency assistance should they ever need it. And one of the most important parts of Fredrik’s job is being able to correctly assess a situation and provide the most effective response. But how does he know which response is right for any given situation?

“Well, the On Call button is mainly used for Volvo Roadside Assistance. This can be when a Driver has a flat tyre or has run out of petrol. When a driver presses the On Call button, they are connected directly to the Volvo On Call service centre.” Once the call arrives at the service centre, it is Fredrik’s job to arrange for assistance to be sent out to the customer’s car and to get them on the move again as soon as possible.

It’s when the SOS button is pressed, however, that the training, knowledge and judgement of the Volvo On Call centre experts is really put to the test. “When a driver presses the SOS button it could, quite literally, be a matter of life and death,” Fredrik explains."

“SOS calls are given the highest priority and are answered by staff specially trained in crisis management. An alarm goes off in the system and displays the vehicle information on the screen, then it’s the operator’s job to assess the severity of the situation. If the emergency services have to called, another operator will contact them while the first operator stays on the line. Working effectively as a team is so important in these situations.”

A call to remember

Have there been any situations where Fredrik believes his help and expertise has really made a difference? “One day, I received a call from the ACN system in a Volvo car.” ACN stands for Automatic Crash Notification, which is a safety system that automatically triggers a call to the Volvo On Call help centre in the event of an accident. “I had no contact with the driver,” continues Fredrik. “But I could hear deep breaths over the line. I quickly realized something was very wrong. I alerted the emergency services and, using the GPS coordinates, directed them to the car. It turned out the car had driven off the road and collided with a tree. I’m very happy to say the driver survived the accident.” Thankfully, these kinds of calls are not too common. In contrast, the most common calls Fredrik has to deal with are, in his opinion, the most rewarding. And that is the call he makes to welcome a new Volvo owner to the Volvo On Call service.

And what does Fredrik feel is the most important thing Volvo On Call gives to Volvo drivers? “It would be easy to say the functions that make every day easier, like being able to start the car’s heater in advance on a cold morning. But I believe the most important thing Volvo On Call can give you is support you didn’t know you had when you need it most. If you have an accident in the middle of nowhere and can’t call for help, Volvo On Call is there to ensure you get help. Because at the end of the day, what is more important than the safety of you and your loved ones?

Control your car remotely

Volvo On Call is our smartphone app with a host of clever solutions that allow you to control your car remotely. It’s simply our way of making everyday life a little less complicated.

Check your car

Access your car’s dashboard, plus get your door lock status, fuel level, maintenance warnings, and more.

Driving journal

Log your journey’s start/end positions, distance, duration, and fuel consumption, and then download the detailed data to Excel.

Find your car

See your car on a map and get directions, or ask it to honk and flash when you want to find it quicker.

Lock your car

Lock and unlock your car remotely. You can also check if the windows and doors are open or closed.