Plug-in hybrid

Volvo XC60 Black Edition

Black Edition: where style meets stealth

The XC60 Black Edition is the purest iteration of our most popular SUV. Powered by our efficient T6 AWD plug-in hybrid engine.

XC60 Black Edition

Back to black. Where power meets elegance.

Premium details

The bespoke gear lever made from Orrefors® crystal captivates with its distinctive design. Ergonomics are assured, adapting to all drivers.

Sports upholstery

Every seat features high-quality nappa leather that gives unprecedented appearance, and comfort – all in a sleek black finish

Exclusive rims

Special attention was paid to every detail. Exclusive 21-inch black alloy wheels enhance the XC60 Black Edition's imposing character.

Exclusive logo

With its sharp lines and striking black finish, including the grille and Iron Mark, XC60 Black Edition is instantly recognisable.

Everything under control

The steering wheel, styled entirely in black nappa leather, reinforces the XC60 sporting identity.

Decorative finish

Precision-crafted brushed aluminium detail completes the look of the XC60 Black Edition's interior.

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