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Alcohol lock* - functions and operation

מעודכן 23.07.2018
The function of the alcohol lock is to prevent the car from being driven by individuals under the influence of alcohol.


  1. Nozzle for breath test.
  2. Switch.
  3. Transmission button.
  4. Lamp for battery status.
  5. Lamp for result of breath test.
  6. Lamp indicates ready for breath test.

Operation - battery

Alcohol lock indicator lamp (4) shows battery status:

Indicator lamp (4)Battery status
Flashing greenCharging in progress
GreenFully charged
RedDischarged - fit the charger in the holder or connect the power supply cable from the glovebox.


Store the alcohol lock in its holder. This will keep the built-in battery fully charged and the alcohol lock is activated automatically when the car is opened.

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