International Sales


Expatriate & Diplomatic Sales

Whether you have just arrived in Japan or are making plans to return home, Volvo International Sales, serving the Expatriate and Diplomatic community in Japan, are ready to offer you professional service in English. Buying a Volvo through us means special personal service, tailor-made delivery and financial savings.

As a customer, your need is our priority. We recognize that each individual has a specific and unique objective when seeking us out. Whether you want the car to be waiting for you in Boston upon returning home, cruising the French coastline on an extended holiday upon completing your overseas assignment, or use the car on the streets of Tokyo before shipping it back to Finland, we will take care of all your shipping and insurance arrangements.

For our international program, on top of an attractive factory price-list that provides substantial savings, and building your car from scratch, you receive extensive worldwide warranties and road assistance programs. All models are equipped to follow the environmental and legal specifications in any country or state without extra costs. In particular, our international program offers an attractive and extensive program for:
・Diplomats posted in Japan
・Expatriates moving to the US
・Expatriates moving to the UK
・Expatriates from Finland, Holland and Sweden w/ ca 1 year remaining
before returning home

For information regarding US, UK and European
Delivery, please contact;
James Brunt