V40 Cross Country


Wheel nuts

Wheel nuts are used to fasten the wheels at the hubs and are available in different versions.
P4-1220-y555-US-Wheel nuts
  1. Standard wheel nuts
  2. Bulge acorn wheel nuts
  3. Locking wheel nuts

Tightening torque

  • Type 1 wheel nut (steel wheel rim): 110 Nm
  • Type 2 wheel nut (aluminium wheel rim): 130 Nm
  • Type 3 Lockable wheel nut (steel/aluminium wheel rim): 110 Nm

Only use rims that are tested and approved by Volvo and which are Volvo genuine accessories. Check the torque with a torque wrench.

Locking wheel nuts*

Locking wheel nuts can be used on both aluminium and steel rims. Under the cargo area floor there is space for the sleeve for the lockable wheel nuts.

  1. * 옵션/액세서리.

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