V40 Cross Country


Adaptive cruise control* - switch cruise control functionality

The adaptive cruise control(ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control) helps the driver to maintain an even speed combined with a pre-selected time interval to the vehicle ahead.

Changing from ACC to CC

A symbol for active cruise control is shown in the combined instrument panel:


Cruise Control


Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise controlAdaptive cruise control

With one press of the button the adaptive element (spacing system) in the adaptive cruise control is deactivated, at which point the car only follows the set/stored speed.

  • Hold down the steering wheel button - the combined instrument panel's symbol changes from to .
>This activates Cruise Control CC.


The car no longer brakes automatically after switching from ACC to CC - it merely follows the set speed.

Changing back from CC to ACC

Switch off the cruise control (CC) with 1-2 presses on the button. The next time the system is switched on it is the adaptive cruise control (ACC) that is activated.

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