V40 Cross Country


Rear fog lamp

When visibility is reduced by fog the rear fog lamp can be used so that other road users can detect the vehicle in front at an early stage.
P4-1220-Y55X rear fog light

Button for rear fog lamp.

The rear fog lamp consists of a lamp on the left-hand side in a left-hand drive car, or on the right-hand side in a right-hand drive car.

The rear fog lamp can only be switched on when key position II is active or the engine is running and the headlamp control's knob is in position or .

Press the button for On/Off. The indicator symbol in the combined instrument panel and the light in the button both illuminate when the rear fog lamp is switched on.

The rear fog lamp is switched off automatically when the START/STOP ENGINE button is depressed or when the headlamp control's knob is turned to position or .


Regulations on the use of rear fog lamps vary from country to country.

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