V40 Cross Country


Voice recognition - multimedia

Voice control the multimedia system to e.g. change source or change track.

The following dialogues are only examples; the system's response may vary depending on the situation.

Change source

The user starts the dialogue by saying: "Disc".
The system changes to the CD/DVD player.

Other sources are accessed by instead saying e.g. "Bluetooth", "TV" or "USB". The sources it is possible to change to depend on what is connected at the time, and whether there is any playable media in the source. If a media source is not available then the system explains why.

Change track

The system understands the numbers 0 (zero) to 99 (ninety-nine). Numbers higher than 99 (ninety-nine) cannot be handled by the system, e.g. 100 (hundred) or 101 (hundred-and-one) are not possible.

The user starts the dialogue by saying: "Select track".
The system responds with: "Say the track number".
Say the track number (as a single number, i.e. "Twenty-three" and not "Two-three").
The system changes to the track number for the active media source.

Search media

The user starts the dialogue by saying: "Media search".
The system shows a numbered list of possible search categories and responds with: "Select a line number, or say a category for media search".
Say a line number or a search category.
The system gives further instructions for finding the right media.

More commands

More commands for voice recognition control of the multimedia system can be found in the normal view for MY CAR by pressing OK/MENU and then selecting SettingsVoice control settingsCommand listMedia commands.

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