V40 Cross Country


Lamp replacement - headlamps

All of the headlamp bulbs are replaced via the engine compartment. First loosen and remove the whole headlamp.


Applies to cars with halogen headlamps.
P4-1220-Y55X-Lamphouse removal 1
Lift out the bonnet stop.
Loosen the screw with a Torx tool, size T30.

Turn the locking pin anticlockwise.

Pull out the locking pin.

Release the headlamp by alternately tilting and pulling it out.


Take care when lifting out the headlamp so as not to damage any parts.

Press down the catch.

Unplug the connector.

Place the headlight on a soft surface so as not to scratch the lens.


Do not pull the electrical cable, only the connector.
Replace the relevant bulb as instructed.

The headlamp must be fitted and the contact fitted correctly before switching on the lights or changing key position.

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