V40 Cross Country


Fuses - in engine compartment

Fuses in the engine compartment protect engine and brake functions, amongst other things.
P4-1220-Y55X Engine room fuse box EJB

On the inside of the cover there are tweezers that facilitate the procedure for the removal and fitting of fuses.

The fuse box also provides space for several spare fuses.

Replacing fuses

The fuses can be accessed following the removal of the cover fitted on the starter battery and the cover for the electrical distribution unit.

Removing the covers

Fold out the locking catches that are fitted on the sides of the cover on the starter battery.

Lift the cover straight up.

Fold out the locking catch that is fitted on the side of the electrical distribution unit.

Rotate the cover upward until the lock lugs (1) are released.

Fold the cover toward the engine to access the fuses.

Refitting the covers

Reinstall the parts in reverse order.


The label on the inside of the cover shows the positions of the fuses.

  • Fuses 7-18 and 46 are of the "JCASE" type and should be replaced by a workshop 1.
  • Fuses 19-45 and 47-48 are of "Mini Fuse" type.
ABS pump40
ABS valves30
Headlamp washers*20
Ventilation fan40
Primary fuse for fuses 32-3630
Heated windscreen, right-hand side*40
Heated windscreen, left-hand side*40
Parking heater*20
Windscreen wipers20
Central electronic module, reference voltage, support battery5
Brake light5
Headlamp control5
Internal relay coils5
12 V socket, tunnel console front15
Transmission control module15
12 V socket, tunnel console rear15
Engine Control Module (ECM)5
Power seat, right*20
Lambda-sonds; Relay coil in relay for cooling fan15
Vacuum regulators; Valves; Control module, radiator roller cover; Control module, spoiler roller cover (diesel); Compressor A/C; Solenoid for engine oil pump; Cooling valve for climate control system (diesel); Glow control module (diesel); Relay coils in relays for Start/Stop functions10
EGR valve (diesel); EVAP valve (petrol); Engine control module; Thermostat for engine cooling system (petrol); Cooling pump for EGR (diesel)15
Ignition coils (petrol)15
Diesel filter heater (diesel)25
Engine Control Module (ECM)15
Engine control module; Transmission control module; Airbags7.5
Headlamp levelling*10
Electric control servo5
Central electronic module15
Collision warning system5
Accelerator pedal sensor5
Coolant pump (when no parking heater is available)10
  1. 1 An authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.
  2. 2 Ampere
  3. * 옵션/액세서리.

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