V40 Cross Country


Fuses - under glovebox

Fuses under the glovebox protect the airbag and passenger compartment lighting functions, amongst other things.
P4-1220-Y55X Fuse box CEM

On the inside of the cover for the fuse box in the engine compartment there are tweezers that facilitate the procedure for the removal and fitting of fuses.

The fuse box in the engine compartment also provides space for several spare fuses.

Replacing fuses

The fuses can be accessed when a protective cover has been removed from the fuse box.

Cover removal

Take hold of the recess and pull until the locking lugs in the lower edge of the cover are released from the fuse box.

Remove the cover.


A relatively large amount of tensile force is required to release the locking lugs at the top edge of the cover from the electrical distribution unit.

Cover refitting

Guide in the lower lugs.

Turn the cover upwards until the upper lugs engage.


Make sure that the upper locking lugs are seated properly in the grooves of the electrical distribution unit.


The fuses are of "Mini Fuse" type.

Fuel pump20
Rear window wiper15
Display in roof console (Seatbelt reminder/Indicator for airbag on the front passenger seat)5
Interior lighting, Controls in roof console for front reading lamps and passenger compartment lighting; Power seats*7.5
Power operated roller blind for glass roof*10
Rain sensor*; Dimming, interior rearview mirror*; Moisture sensor*5
Collision warning system*5
Unlocking, tailgate210
Reserve position 3, constant voltage5
Steering lock15
Combined instrument panel5
Central locking system, fuel filler flap310
Climate panel7.5
Steering wheel module7.5
Siren*; Data link connector OBDII5
Main beam15
Reversing lamp7.5
Windscreen wipers4; Rear windscreen wiper420
Reserve position 1, constant voltage15
Reserve position 2, constant voltage20
Movement detector for alarm*; Remote receiver5
Windscreen wipers5; Rear windscreen wiper520
Central locking system, fuel filler flap610
Unlocking, tailgate710
Electric additional heater*; Button seat heating rear*7.5
Airbags; Pedestrian airbag*7.5
Reserve position 4, constant voltage7.5
  1. 1 Ampere
  2. * 옵션/액세서리.
  3. 2 See also fuse 84.
  4. 3 See also fuse 83.
  5. 4 See also fuse 82.
  6. 5 See also fuse 77.
  7. 6 See also fuse 70.
  8. 7 See also fuse 65.

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