V90 Cross Country


Engine compartment overview

The overview shows some service-related components.
P5-1617-S90/V90 Engine compartment overview

The appearance of the engine compartment may differ depending on model and engine variant.

  1. Coolant expansion tank
  2. Reservoir for brake and clutch fluid (located on the driver's side)
  3. Washer fluid filler pipe 1
  4. Central electrical unit
  5. Air filter
  6. Engine oil filler pipe


Remember that the radiator fan (located at the front of the engine compartment, behind the radiator) may start automatically some after the engine has been switched off.

Always have the engine cleaned by a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended. There is a risk of fire if the engine is hot.


The ignition system works at a very high and hazardous voltage. The car's electrical system must always be in ignition position 0 when work is being performed in the engine compartment.

Do not touch the spark plugs or ignition coil when the car's electrical system is in ignition position II or when the engine is hot.

  1. 1 Fill the washer fluid at regular intervals, e.g. when refuelling.

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